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Workout for Results By Various Authors


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Here is a curated selection of our ultimate trumpet workout, available to you for less than half price.

The best trumpet players approach the instrument from all angles: musical, emotional, mental, and of course, physical. This collection is designed to help trumpet players condition their physical abilities to achieve the next level of power, range, endurance, flexibility, and technique. By raising your physical abilities, you will be able to devote more concentration to the music and the performance. In other words, this collection is designed to give you levels of confidence you’ve never experienced before.

Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

Books Included

  1. Callet, Brass Power and Endurance
  2. Staigers, Flexibility Studies
  3. Knevitt, Building a Strong & Flexible Embouchure
  4. Smith, Lip Flexibility on the Trumpet
  5. Bodet, Embouchure Technique
  6. Gekker, Endurance Drills for Performance Skills

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