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Unlocking The High Register By Erik Veldkamp


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Bill Adam used to say, “trumpet playing is 90% mental concentration, 9% air, and everything else (horns, mouthpieces, tongue arch, pivots, etc.) constitutes less than 1% of trumpet playing.”

Taking this advice and using it as the foundation to his high register approach on the trumpet, Erik Veldkamp has written the most important book on playing high notes in the 21st century. Erik’s approach is straightforward, easy to follow, and so deeply steeped in common sense that you will wonder why you were ever approaching the trumpet from a different angle.

How does it work?

Erik starts with his philosophy of playing, how to conquer the mental side of the instrument, and how to correctly approach the low register of the instrument as a starting point. He then takes you on a 150-page journey of studies that progresses from Efficiency Studies, Schlossberg-Style Range Studies, Airflow Drills, Sound Studies, Expanding Scales, Upper Register Attacks, Range Drills, and Upper Register Flexibilities, which all lead you to a set of High Register Swing & Latin Etudes that put your work to the test.

Long ago, Bud Brisbois wrote a range method with a corresponding high note duet book. This method is a natural successor to Brisbois’ set, and Erik’s collection of 16 Swinging High Note Duets is a perfect complement to this method.

Books In This Series

  1. 35% OFF Key To The High Register (Complete Set)
  2. Veldkamp, Unlocking the High Register
  3. Veldkamp, 16 Swinging High Note Duets
  4. Veldkamp, 20 Swinging Range Studies (3 Ways)

To the left you can see some samples, but there is just way too much to attach here. Check them out, then grab this incredible method above and start unlocking your high register today!

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