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The Key to the High Register (5 Books) By Erik Veldkamp


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This year, Erik Veldkamp wrote the most innovative and unique series on high register trumpet playing the our community has ever seen. With the completion of this 5-book series, we are offering the full set at a discounted rate for the first time ever.

Bill Adam used to say, ‚Äútrumpet playing is 90% mental concentration, 9% air, and everything else (horns, mouthpieces, tongue arch, pivots, etc.) constitutes less than 1% of trumpet playing.‚ÄĚ

Taking this advice and using it as the foundation to his high register approach on the trumpet, Erik Veldkamp has written the most important series on playing high notes in the 21st century. Erik’s approach is straightforward, easy to follow, and so deeply steeped in common sense that you will wonder why you were ever approaching the trumpet from a different angle.

What is unique about this set is that it is the natural 21st-century successor to the wonderful method/duet book combo written by Bud Brisbois (‚ÄúTrumpet(s) Today‚ÄĚ). Erik understands, like Brisbois did, that learning the theory behind high register playing simply isn‚Äôt enough. It has to be applicable to actual music-making in a variety of styles, or else there is no use in learning it at all. By taking a musical approach to lead trumpet playing you can win the mental side of the game which takes you 90% of the way there.

That is why Erik not only wrote the Method “Unlocking the high Register” but he also wrote the accompanying duet book (with audio) “16 Swinging High Note Duets” and followed them up with 40 upper register swing etudes split through three books in his “Swinging Range Studies” set. Your purchase of this series includes 6 downloads:

1. Veldkamp, Unlocking the High Register
2. Veldkamp, 16 Swinging High Note Duets
3. Veldkamp, 16 Swinging High Note Duets (MP3s)
4. Veldkamp, 20 Swinging Range Studies (Intermediate)
5. Veldkamp, 20 Swinging Range Studies (Advanced)
6. Veldkamp, 20 Swinging Range Studies (Advanced Plus)

To the left you can see the cover of each book that is included, and at the links in the list above you can read individual writeups for each release. I can’t wait for you to dive in, this set really is best consumed in its entirety.

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