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Ties: Rhythm Exercises for All Instruments By Harold Branch


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“Ties” is the second in a series of books dealing with rhythms, syncopation, timing, and counting. call it what you may, the problem is still there for the student and professional alike – how to accurately interpret the note values set onto a piece of manuscript paper.

The scale is the simplest form of musical organization. the simplicity of the medium allows the student to fully concentrate on the attainment of the desired skill. Utilizing this series (“counting”, “ties”, “rests”) with other volumes such as “articulation” “accents” and “dynamics”, the player will have at his disposal a new world of material for the cultivation of his technical skills. See the full set of Harold Branch’s books right here.

Do you have a studio or are you learning yourself? These 315 rhythm exercises are a breeze to pull out every day, drill for a few minutes then move on to your next challenge. We get good at the things we do often, and rhythm reading is no exception.

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