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Complete Harold Branch By Harold Branch


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Harold Branch’s Complete Collection is a fantastic all-encompassing system for modern trumpet playing. His Warm-Up Books are more than just the standard fare; he takes you through all tonalities in the Major and Minor keys, followed by Diatonic Chords & Inversions, followed by Chromatic Chords & Inversions… simply put, it’s a thorough conditioning system for your body and mind.

Beyond his incredibly popular Warm-Up Books, Branch has crafted books specifically designed at pillars of trumpet fundamentals like Pedal Tones and Articulation, as well as hands-on practical exercises for all kinds of music, from Cha-Cha to Blues. We all know that the #1 skill required of a modern trumpeter is versatility, and these books can be your secret weapon for becoming the most versatile trumpet player in town.

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Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

Books Included

  1. Branch, Warm-Ups Books 1: All Major Keys
  2. Branch, Warm-Ups Books 2: All Minor Keys
  3. Branch, Warm-Ups Books 3: All Diatonic Chords
  4. Branch, Warm-Ups Books 4: All Chromatic Scales & Chords
  5. Branch, Pedal Tones for Trumpet
  6. Branch, Articulation for All Brass
  7. Branch, Breath Control Using Long Tones
  8. Branch, Ties, Rhythm Exercises for All Instruments
  9. Branch, Encyclopedia of Ethnic Music
  10. Branch, Club Date Trumpet Routines
  11. Branch, Practical Cha-Cha & Merengue Figures
  12. Branch, Rock, Jazz, Blues Riffs & Figures

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