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Levine’s Modern Dixieland Style By Henry Levine


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Henry Lavine wrote two extensive collections of Dixieland music, this one, titled Modern Dixieland Style, and another known as Modern Dixieland Combo. This STYLE series walks you through exactly how to play in the Dixieland style with extensive write-ups and explanations, then goes though 17 complete tunes in a straight style then a Dixieland style, so you can learn how to turn any melody into a Dixieland favourite.

No person, perhaps, is better qualified to explain the Dixieland style than Henry Levine, famous as the musical director of “Basin Street” and “Strictly from Dixie” radio programs. Henry Levine has long enjoyed the reputation of being one of the foremost trumpet virtuosi in America and his profound study of Dixieland music, from its early stages to the present time, makes this book the most authoritative book available on this subject.

After a lengthy introduction to the world of Dixieland Style, the reader is provided a collection of songs scored for trumpet, trombone, clarinet, and guitar/piano. Each song is first played straight in its original style, then scored as a dixieland style tune complete with embellishments and reflections. These can be performed with any combination of similar instruments, and give a really good idea of how the best dixieland players take standard tunes and rework them into the modern jazz style.

You can see the difference between original and dixieland versions in the samples and the full index of tunes below. You get book 1 or book 2 separately, or buy them both for 30% off the retail price.

Book 1: Ja-Da, China Boy, Bluin’ the Blues, Runnin’ Wild, Clarinet Marmalade, Wang Wang Blues, In a Little Spanish Town, I Never Knew, Darktown Strutters’ Ball, Alice Blue Gown

Book 2: Skeleton Jangle, At The Jazz Band Ball, Fidgety Feet, Ostrich Walk, Panama, Satanic Blues, Sensation.

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