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Complete Couillaud Collection By Henri Couillaud


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Henri Couillaud was a soloist with the Paris Opera , the Conservatory Concert Society and the Republican Guard. He was professor of trombone at the Paris Conservatoire from 1925 to 1948 with André Lafosse as his assistant professor, succeeding the great Louis Allard. Of course, we know his today as one of the most prolific authors of trombone etudes and duets in the history of our instrument.

For the first time ever we have created a massive bundle of low brass books at a staggering 53% discount. We have been doing this for trumpet for years, and hopefully this is the first of many we do for our bass clef brethren.

Below you will see the full list of included books, and you can click through to read the specifics about each volume. The samples to the left show every book cover so you can cross reference with your collection. These bundles come and go so you’d better hurry, lest you miss out!

Included books:

  1. Couillaud, Style Etudes Book 1
  2. Couillaud, Style Etudes Book 2
  3. Couillaud, Style Etudes Book 3
  4. Couillaud, 31 Studies for Trombone
  5. Couillaud, Ten Caprices
  6. CouillaudFour Etudes in the form of duets
  7. Couillaud, 12 Concert Duets for Trombone
  8. Couillaud, 20 Improvement Studies Vingt Etudes De Perfectionnement
  9. Couillaud, Progressive Exercises
  10. Couillaud, 30 Modern Studies
  11. Couillaud, Methode de Trombone a Coulisse
  12. Couillaud, 6 Vocalises for Trombone Duo
  13. Couillaud-Busser, 12 Melodic Etudes
  14. Coullaud, Melodic Pieces Part 1
  15. Coullaud, Melodic Pieces Part 2
  16. Coullaud, Melodic Pieces Part 3

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