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Methode de Trombone a Coulisse By Henri Couillaud



The thrust of this French method book is on the rudiments of trombone playing. The method begins at the beginning level, but progresses very quickly through scales, scale studies, exercises in legato and staccato tonguing, lip slurs, ornaments, and etude material culminating in material that is quite advanced. The intermediate to advanced etudes and duets are in a variety of tonal styles and were extracted from the vocalises of Bordogni, Kruetzer, and others. All the editorial text is in French and several very excellent duets are included.

This book includes wonderful etude material in both legato and detached tonguing styles and might best be used as etude material for high school or college level students and professionals. This book sells for well over $60 at retail and is available forever at qPress for a third of the price.

Check out a variety of samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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