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The Complete David Baker for Trombone By David N. Baker


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Here is a great opportunity to pick up David Baker’s incredible duets and his six-volume jazz method for 45% OFF. 

David Baker was a highly regarded jazz trombonist. In addition to trombone playing, Baker was a highly regarded composer, conductor, and educator. Baker was influential in jazz education and served as a mentor to numerous musicians. He played a significant role in the development of jazz studies programs in various universities and authored many books on jazz improvisation and pedagogy. His contributions to jazz music and education are widely celebrated.

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Books Included

  1. Baker, Smokin’ Duets In Bass Clef
  2. Baker, Cookin’ Duets In Bass Clef
  3. Baker, Contemporary Techniques For The Trombone Volumes 1-6
    • Volume 1 – Foundation Exercises for the Jazz Player – Vibrato and other Special Effects Tod-ul Tongue
    • Volume 2 – Against the Grain Playing – Scales and Chords
    • Volume 3 – The II V 7 Progression – Turnbacks & Cycles
    • Volume 4 – A Method for Gaining Facility with the Various Scales – Scales, Multiphonics & Polytonality
    • Volume 5 – Rhythm and Meter – Polymetric & Multimetric Melodies – Fourths
    • Volume 6 – Exercises Based on the 12 Tone Row – Use of Dramatic Devices – Micro Tones

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