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Setting Up Drills By Herbert L. Clarke


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Clarke’s Setting Up Drills are Clarke’s attempt to head off improper embouchure usage at the pass. By learning how to set up and start playing efficiently, one can have a more effective, easy, and efficient approach to the instrument. Here you will find the originals 1st edition, exactly as self published by the author in Canada before he got wider distribution. By far the most authentic version available anywhere.

In his own words:

“During my professional experience of many years, I found it advisable to change my method of playing the cornet and trumpet a number of times. My constant aim was to produce proper results in an easy manner and through a common sense method of playing also by practicing in such a way as not to tire or injure the lips, but to strengthen the muscles of the latter, a little more each day, and in this way, building a proper foundation, in order that the regular work of a professional musician, obliged to play in the afternoon or evening, would not be impaired by too much morning practice.” – HL Clarke

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