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Elementary Studies for the Trumpet By Herbert L. Clarke


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A classic tome from H.L. Clarke. The Elementary Studies have been the background of developmental trumpet pedagogy for decade and will continue to be a benchmark for years to come. Represented here is Clarke’s 1st edition, self published by the author in Canada before he had wider distribution. This is the most authentic version of this book available anywhere.

From the author:

“During my career as a cornetist, I have given many thousand lessons to cornet players, from beginners to the best players in the country. Many cornet methods, all good, useful, and highly recommended by me are available, but in this work I have had the beginner in mind. It is my purpose to help him lay a solid foundation by means of simple exercises, easy to play, without strain of any kind, and in this way assist him to reach the heist mark of perfection for which we are all striving.” – HL Clarke.

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