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Candy (Complete Album Transcription) By Lee Morgan


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The product before you is part of qPress’ Complete Album Transcription series, now including the albums of Lee Morgan, as transcribed by Stuart McLean-Fowler. These note-for-note transcriptions complete with chord changes help you to get inside the head of the best trumpeters in our history, and let you play along with some of the finest recordings of all time.

Recorded when he was only 19, Candy was one of the first albums (along with The Cooker, recorded the same year) where Lee Morgan showed his own unique style. His prodigal technical virtuosity had already been proven at this time in the Dizzy Gillespie band, but Morgan’s first solo ventures had been remarkable only because of his young age. Here, the influence of some of Morgan’s mentors can be seen, but instead of just emulating the style of older trumpeters like Clifford Brown, he has begun absorbing bits and pieces of the phrasing and style of a wide range of musicians, from Gillespie to Miles Davis, then using them to forge his own sound.

The track list is below with samples to the left. Then click above for an immediate PDF download.

  1. Candy
  2. Since I Fell for You
  3. C.T.A.
  4. All the Way
  5. Who Do You Love, I Hope
  6. Personality
  7. All at Once You Love Her

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