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Wurm Schule für Cornet a Pistons By Wilhelm Wurm



Wurm’s School for the Cornet or Trumpet is one of the most elusive method books in our entire repertoire. There is only one copy in a public collection in the world and it is not available for lending. This edition came from a very beat up copy and I was reluctant to even try to restore it, but since Wurm is such an important champion of the trumpet and that his etudes are used all over the world to this day, I decided to give it a try.

I am still looking for a better edition, and when I do, anyone who purchased this book will be upgraded free of charge. For now it is on sale for half the price until I get my hands on a fresher copy. Even though it is a bit rough, it prints up beautifully and is very easy to read. There is only one page in the composer’s native Russian and the rest is pure music. Tons of exercises, etudes, duets, all progressive and interesting, and challenging for players at all levels.

Check out some samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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