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The Way to Music on Trumpet By E. Thayer Gaston



I love a beginner method that focuses on melody and music to teach, not just rote exercises and theory. Read below what Gaston wrote in the foreword about how this book was constructed. When you are ready, grab an immediate PDF download above.

“As in all dynamic and progressive societies, there are often several ideas as to the best method of instructing the young. This is particularly true in music. There are excellent music teachers who believe that certain fundamentals should be mastered before the learner begins the playing of melodies. Other music teachers, just as excellent, believe that the learner should begin with familiar melodies, and from them, master the fundamentals. It may be that a compromise is the most efficient. In any event this instruction book is so organized that either of the three general plans may be used.

On the left hand page will be found ordinarily those fundamentals and essentials which form the basic or structural elements of the desired techniques. On the right hand page will be found a sequential arrangement of familiar melodies which are made up of the essentials and elements. The choice of wisest procedure is left to the teacher. The elements and fundamentals may be used alone; the melodies may be used exclusively, or, they may be all used together. All instructions and explanations should be studied regardless of where they are.? This is especially necessary when this book is used for self-instruction.”

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