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Wagner’s Orchestra Studies for Trumpet By A Wagner


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The trumpet’s importance in Wagner’s operas stems from its ability to convey a wide range of musical expression, from heroic grandeur to tender lyricism, and its capacity to symbolize characters, themes, and dramatic events. Its inclusion enriches the music and enhances the dramatic experience, contributing to the overall grandeur and impact of Wagner’s operatic works.

These orchestra studies for trumpet from the stage works by Richard Wagner are published in the present collection for the first time. Due to their completeness and the great number of important and interesting passages they represent required study material for every student of the trumpet and for young musicians in general. Even experienced orchestra musicians will welcome this volume as valuable reference work.

This edition has been compiled from parts and scores used in actual performance. The passages are clearly separated by breaks in the staff and are numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. Notes in small type, cues including vocal parts with text, have been used in many passages to make them more straightforward for the user. Furthermore, passages have been included which contain no particular difficulties of interpretation or technique but which are characteristic of the work in question and therefore worthy of note.

To the left you can find the full foreword and representative samples, below you will find the Table of Contents. Click above to grab an immeidate digital download.

Table of Contents (143 Pages)

Der fliegende Holländer
Romantic Opera in Three Acts

Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf der Wartburg
Great Opera in Three Acts

Romantic Opera in Three Acts

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
Opera in Three Acts

Tristan und Isolde
Opera in Three Acts

A Stage Consecration Festival Play In Three Acts

For Small Orchestra

Eine Faust-Ouvertüre
For Orchestra

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