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The Complete First Trumpet Parts By Various Authors


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In this collection you’ll find the first trumpet parts extracted from some of the most important orchestral literature, presented for half price.

These excerpts, from Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Mozart, Brahms, and Beethoven, represents a variety of styles and techniques. Critically, these volumes present the full first trumpet parts, not just the classic excerpts. Understanding the full parts is important for musical context, but also so you can understand the physical challenge of each piece. To get a true sense of each piece, you can use this bundle to play along with your favourite recordings.

Click through the samples to the left, read through the write-ups provided below, and then click above for immediate PDF downloads of the entire bundle.

Books Included

  1. Complete First Trumpet Parts: Beethoven
  2. Complete First Trumpet Parts: Brahms
  3. Complete First Trumpet Parts: Mozart
  4. Complete First Trumpet Parts: Schubert
  5. Complete First Trumpet Parts: Tchaikovsky

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