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Trumpet Yoga By Jerome Callet


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Behold, Trumpet Yoga: A Revolutionary Approach To Embouchure Development is back in circulation. Jerome Callet put it perfectly in his foreword:

My purpose in writing this book is to make available to players young and old, my way of playing. The “trumpet Yoga” Method has given me, for the first time in my life, freedom from physical worries about the trumpet. It was a great struggle to come to these ideas I have been work­ing with. I vowed to myself if I could achieve this dream of mine, I would share it with all brass players.

Modern trumpet playing demands a great, powerful embouchure, range in excess of a pic­colo trumpet, and brilliant tone. Many pro­fessionals play jobs they can just barely finish. Most trumpet teachers have no idea what their students have to play. These teachers cannot im­prove a weak embouchure with scales or slurs. You must change the way you hold your lips so that the lips are vibrant and never abused.

I have spent the last 23 years using my own embouchure as a lip laboratory. After ten years I could play loud double high Cs. I knew that my sound should be free and less strained. The lips would not take the air, and the real endurance was not there. In November of 1970, I began what I call “trumpet Yoga”. The musical exercises are proof of what I practice. Also important is that my warm-up can be done on the bandstand to re­fresh your lips.

The most important result of “Trumpet Yoga” has been the steady improvement on a daily basis. Over the past year, I have not had one bad playing day. No trumpet teacher has ever told me how to do this. I believe the way you start your day, how you play in using your embouchure whether it be in performance or practice, will show your lip health. The whole story is how your lips feel; confidence, control, and power begin with feel.

There is not much more to say other than you need to dig into this method and system of playing to reap the rewards, and that one you do, you are going to be thrilled with your increased range and efficiency.

Check out some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Endorsement from Dr. Charles Colin

This is a mental approach to the phenomena of surmounting all obstacles and is proven by Mr. Callet’ s unique personal demonstration, of the most expanded range ever played on a trumpet. His newly discovered formula is based on expanding and coordinating unlimited possibilities in exploring the extremities of one’s physical resources. Mr. Callet has pioneered new advanced theories through means of his revolutionary discoveries of controlled acoustical sound production. His innovation is a fearless, ambitious approach to the extremity in both regis­ters (High and Low) and can be applied to all cup mouthpieces.

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1 review for Trumpet Yoga

  1. John Phillips

    I have been using Jerome’s “tongue-controlled embouchure” all my musical life & I didn’t even know it until I started reading his literature. I am a woodwind player who also plays trumpet. My range on the trumpet is; triple-low G to triple-high G. Also, I have, more or less, the same range on tenor saxophone. Now, I want to see what Jerry had to say about “trumpet yoga”(before T.C.E.)

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