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Trumpet Solfeggio By John M. Blount



You can read Mr. Blout’s full bio in the sample pages to the left, but his words on his philosphy behind this method are quoted here, there is no better introduction:

“My basic philosophy is that every musician must find his or her own way of playing and execute it subconsciously. I believe strongly that if a player must consciously manipulate his face, tongue, or any other part of his anatomy for that matter, most of his effort will be directed toward that end leaving insufficient mental and physical energy for the primary objective of creating great music. After all, the best trumpet playing can and must be as natural as possible.”

Enter, Trumpet Solfeggio. These techniques and methods help you warm up properly, become more flexible, develop your inner sense of pitch, improve your articulation, solidify your mouthpiece placement, and play more lyrically. A complete modern trumpet method for the contemporary trumpet player.

Check out the samples then grab a PDF download above.

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