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Trumpet Playing Up To Date By Frank Siegrist


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Frank Siegrist was the long time trumpeter of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra. On his relentless touring schedule he would meet many trumpeters who would ask him exactly how he played as well as he did. He compiled all of their questions and set out to write a book explaining his method for playing, and “Trumpet Playing Up to Date” is what he wrote.

This book contains a forward by Siegrist and an acknowledgement from Paul Whiteman, followed by sections on Attack, Slurring, Lip Building, Lip Trills, Tone, Instrument Selection, Mouthpieces, Phrasing, Rhythm, Mute Effects (nicluding the horse whinny, talking, slides, and dips), Flutter Tongue, Illustrations of mute modifications, then a section on Breaks as used in the Whiteman Orchestra. The breaks are particularly useful, with a collection of breaks ending on both the tonic and the dominant to give you plenty of material to work with and memorize.

As always, grab some samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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