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Trumpet Lessons with David Hickman By David Hickman


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“Trumpet Lessons with David Hickman” is a wonderful collection of informative lesson-style articles with example exercises by the world renowned pedagogue and international soloist David Hickman. This collection comes to us as the first release of the Tromba Publications catalogue, and qPress is proud to announce that we are the exclusive distributor for their fantastic catalogue and all of their books will be arriving here at qPress in short order.

These 5 lessons can be purchased individually, or as a bundle at a sizeable discount. Below you will see a description from each volume, to the left you can find a page from each book, and above you can purchase an immediate digital download.

Detailed Descriptions:

Volume 1: Volume includes information on Breathing, Relaxation, Posture, The Oral Cavity, Vibrato, Breath Attacks, Whisper Tones, and more.

Volume 2: Volume 2 focuses on Facial Muscles, Teeth Structure and Jaw Positioning, Mouthpiece Placement, Mouthpiece Selection, Warming Up, and Cool Down.

Volume 3: Here, David Hickman explores ideas on embourchure development to improve Power, Endurance, Lip Bends, Pedal Tones, Extending the Upper Register, with numerous exercises.

Volume 4: Volume 4 is all about dexterity and focuses in onFingers Position, Proper Valve Action, Finger Coordination, Alternate Fingerings, Single Tonguing, Multiple Tonguing, Legato Tonguing, Staccato Tonguing, with numerous exercises.

Volume 5: Concise and informative advice on Practice Habits, Concert Preparation, Stage Fright, Special Problems, Mental Imaging, and Imaging Techniques.

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