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Torelli Concerto No.2 By Guiseppe Torelli



Torelli’s two concertos for trumpet and widely held as some of the finest from his time period. They are melodic and beautiful, and they exploit the high register of the trumpet to wonderful effect. These concertos are played by all major orchestras, are in the repertoire of all touring soloists, and are found on jury lists the world over.

Since these pieces are difficult for younger players who cannot play in the clarino register, or do not have piccolo trumpets, I have included two different versions above. The version for trumpet in Bb is played down a m3, so students can play the wonderful music of Torelli on a modern Bb trumpet with a piano accompaniment to match. This is a must have for any studio.

The second version is in the original D major with a part for D trumpet to make easy to play on the smaller D trumpet or the piccolo trumpet.

Click for samples to the left, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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Torelli Concerto No.2 in Bb (for Bb Trumpet), Torelli Concerto No.2 in D (for D Trumpet)

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