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The Sound of Don Fagerquist Vol.1 (Play-Along) By Don Fagerquist


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The Sound of Don Fagerquist (Volume 1) takes a closer look at Don’s jazz vocabulary. A selection of Don’s solo phrases have been set out in all keys, allowing you to gain an insight into Don’s specific use of harmony and begin to transfer this knowledge into your own improvising. Chords and numerical chord movement are all notated, allowing you to transfer this knowledge into your own improvisations.

I hope this book will be a useful tool for developing jazz trumpet players. The book is a companion to the 3 complete album transcriptions featuring Don Fagerquist:

  1. Dave Pell Octet Plays Rodgers and Hart
  2. Dave Pell Octet Plays Irving Berlin
  3. Dave Pell Swingin’ In The Ol’ Corral

The Sound of Don Fagerquist (Volume 1) is accompanied by backing tracks. Each phrase has the following backing tracks:

  • 1 x demo performance of the phrase
  • 12 x individual practice tracks in all keys
  • 3 x practice tracks at different tempos cycling through all 12 keys

By using all of the practice tracks (beginning with each phrase individually in each key, before developing to cycling through all keys) you will be able to develop a mastery of the phrases.

As the phrases become more secure, you should begin to apply them to jazz standards. Here are some ideas you could use:

  • Pick a phrase and play it in all positions of the chord sequence
  • Improvise freely and select specific chords to play a phrase
  • Adapt/develop a phrase to create your own phrases

To the left you can see some samples, below you can listen to an example of the backing tracks, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.

Phrase One (Example)

Phrase One (Loop in C)

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