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“The Latin World of Tito Puente” Lead Book Transcription By Tito Puente


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Tito Puente, often referred to as the “King of Latin Music,” was an influential figure in Afro-Cuban music. He popularized the mambo genre, introduced innovative percussion techniques, bridged Latin and jazz music, collaborated with various artists, and represented Afro-Cuban culture through his music. His impact on Afro-Cuban music and its influence on the broader Latin music scene continues to be felt to this day.

This collection of lead trumpet transcription books each includes the full lead trumpet part for the entire album. You can follow along with the original albums and hear exactly how they are meant to be played.

Below you will find a full writeup on the album, plus the song list. To the left, you can find some samples, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.

The Latin World of Tito Puente features a vibrant blend of Latin rhythms, jazz influences, and infectious danceable grooves. With his virtuosic timbales playing, innovative arrangements, and collaborations with talented musicians, Puente’s music consistently delivered energetic performances and showcased his unique musical vision, and this album is a perfect example.

Song List

1. Ran Kan Kan
2. Mambo Inn
3. Recado
4. Africa Habla
5. Chino
6. A Bailar Pachanga
7. Caramelos
8. Kwa Kwa
9. Azukiki
10. Oye Cómo Va
11. Babarabatiri
12. Pa’ Borinquen

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