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The Jazz Trombone Book By Sam Griffith


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The Jazz Trombone Book by Sam Griffith is a very special method. The vast majority of methods are really more like study books, in the sense that they are primarily filled with etudes and exercises with very little actually methodical instruction. Not true here. This book is jammed full, with over 110 pages of in-depth, real-world pedagogical advice about how to play in the jazz style on the trombone. There is no other book for the instrument like it, and it demands a look from every serious player. There is so much covered that I have included the complete table of contents in the sample pages, as well as Sam’s foreword below. Click trough the samples to the left then grab an immediate digital download above.

“Learning to play jazz trombone requires a lot of skill both as a trombonist and as a musician. Jazz performance uses different techniques for sound production, tonguing, articulation, and phrasing than classical trombone playing. Despite the plethora of trombone method books, the differences between jazz and classical trombone techniques are rarely considered in great detail. The purpose of this book, then, is to describe many of these differences and to provide strategies for conquering jazz trombone!

Many of the exercises in this book are created specifically for jazz trombone practice. In some instances, exercises associated with classical or traditional practice have been included and altered for jazz practice. In other cases, exercises are provided that were taught to me by some of the world’s great trombonists. Each of these exercises has a unique and beneficial purpose.”

~ Sam Griffith

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