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The History of Miles Davis (Through 41 Transcriptions for Trumpet) By Miles Davis


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The third instalment of Erik Veldkamp’s Jazz History Transcription Series is here! The 170-page History of Miles Davis takes you chronologically through 41 transcriptions, organized chronologically, acting as a survey of the evolution of Miles Davis’ style through his 45 year recording career. There has never been a book like this before, and I can’t wait for you to see it.

Studying the evolution of Miles Davis’s music is crucial for trumpet players aiming to grasp the essence of jazz. Davis’s career spanned several decades, and he played a pivotal role in various jazz movements, reflecting the genre’s evolution. By examining his work chronologically, trumpet players can glean invaluable insights into the ever-changing landscape of jazz.

From his early bebop days with Charlie Parker to his pioneering modal experiments on “Kind of Blue” and the fusion explorations with albums like “Bitches Brew,” Davis continually pushed the boundaries of jazz. This journey illustrates the evolution of trumpet technique, improvisational approaches, and stylistic nuances within the genre.

By delving into Davis’s discography, trumpet players can absorb diverse influences, techniques, and artistic philosophies, enriching their own playing. Understanding how Davis adapted to and influenced the changing jazz landscape provides a roadmap for navigating the complexities of this dynamic genre. Ultimately, Davis’s musical odyssey serves as a comprehensive education in jazz itself, making it an indispensable resource for trumpet players seeking to become well-rounded and versatile musicians.

To the left I have put a ton of samples, and below I have copied the entire song list. Check them all out, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

Books in this Series

  1. The History of the Blues
  2. The History of Rhythm Changes
  3. The History of Miles Davis

Chronological Song List

  1. 1945 Billie’s Bounce (The Savoy Recordings)
  2. 1947 Milestones (Miles Davis All-Stars)
  3. 1949 Boblicity (Birth Of The Cool)
  4. 1951 Dig (The New Sounds)
  5. 1953 Floppy (Miles Davis and Horns)
  6. 1954 Blue Haze (Miles Davis Quartet)
  7. 1954 Oleo (Bags’ Groove)
  8. 1954 Walkin’ (Walkin’)
  9. 1955 Will You Still Be Mine? (The Musings of Miles)
  10. 1956 Bye Bye Blackbird (Round About Midnight)
  11. 1956 If I Were A Bell (Relaxin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet)
  12. 1956 Stablemates (Miles: The New Miles Davis Quintet)
  13. 1957 Springsville (Miles Ahead)
  14. 1957 The Maids Of Cadiz (Miles Ahead)
  15. 1958 Straight, No Chaser (Miles & Monk At Newport)
  16. 1958 Miles (Milestones)
  17. 1958 Summertime (Porgy And Bess)
  18. 1958 It Ain’t Necessarily So (Porgy And Bess)
  19. 1959 So What (Kind Of Blue)
  20. 1959 Freddie Freeloader (Kind Of Blue)
  21. 1959 Blue In Green (Kind Of Blue)
  22. 1959 All Blues (Kind Of Blue)
  23. 1959 Flamenco Sketches (Kind Of Blue)
  24. 1960 The Pan Piper (Sketches of Spain)
  25. 1961 Someday My Prince Will Come (Someday My Prince Will Come)
  26. 1963 Seven Steps To Heaven (Seven Steps To Heaven)
  27. 1964 Four (Four & More)
  28. 1965 E.S.P. (E.S.P)
  29. 1965 Eighty One (E.S.P)
  30. 1966 Footprints (Miles Smiles)
  31. 1967 Prince Of Darkness (The Sorcerer)
  32. 1968 Frelon Brun (Files de Kilimanjaro)
  33. 1968 Stuff (Miles in the Sky)
  34. 1969 Shhh / Peaceful (The Complete Silent Way Sessions)
  35. 1969 Spanish Key (Bitches Brew)
  36. 1981 Shout (The Man with the Horn)
  37. 1985 Time After Time (You’re Under Arrest)
  38. 1986 Tutu (Tutu)
  39. 1986 Splatch (Tutu)
  40. 1987 Los Feliz (Music from Siesta)
  41. 1989 Big Time (Amandla)

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