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The Harmon Mute By Erik Veldkamp


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A whisper-soft sound that seems to subtly transform itself for every note. A lonely, metallic bleating. A piercing cry. Is there anything cooler or more iconic than Miles Davis’s use of the Harmon mute? During the 1950s, Miles pioneered the use of the “Wah Wah” mute (“Harmon” is a specific brand name) by using it with the stem completely removed and placing his trumpet extremely close to the microphone. He single-handedly transformed the mute from a novelty effect to a signature sound.

Miles’s influence can be felt from the beginning of this collection by Erik Veldkamp, but The Big Harmon Mute Book branches out to explore a variety of musical styles and techniques. This book explores the full potential of the harmon mute, including studies in swing, funk and latin styles. Veldkamp also skillfully weaves extended techniques into these studies such as pitch bending, flutter tonguing/growling, falls, wah-wahs, notated vibrato, quick mute changes and half-valving.

This book is truly one of a kind, and provides a rare opportunity to play a collection of newly composed studies specifically written for the harmon mute, in all of its permutations, in a variety of styles that perfectly match the real-world scenarios in which you will need this skill. This harmon mute method opens with a foreword by professor Aaron Hodgson, that outlines best practices for each mute, how to properly select one for your arsenal, and a step-by-step guide on how to adjust to a new mute.

To the left I have provided some free samples, and above you can grab an immediate PDF download.

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