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Studio Studies for Trumpet By Harry Huffnagle


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“Studio Studies for Trumpet” by Harry Huffnagle is all about preparing you for a recording studio day. What type of music will be put in front of you? What styles will you have to be versed in? What types of syncopation, range, intervals, and articulations will you need?

Part of being a pro is being versatile. So each study here is in a different style, with a quick blurb from Harry about what is required to read it down with ease. You will be taken through flowing styles, breath control, quick tempos, jazz accents, theme and variations, angular contemporary music, sight reading, time signature changes, triplet syncopations, compound metre changes, and much more.

This is an extremely useful book, and the studies are a joy to play. If you can play these down, then you are ready to hit the studio with the green light ON.

Click to the left for a few samples, then click above for an immediate PDF download.

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