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Special Studies in High Register By Randy Brooks


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Randy Brooks, whose golden trumpet has made him famous from coast to coast, wrote this book in response to the many requests by players for studies in the advanced technique so necessary to the playing of orchestrated music and in producing interesting and up-to-the minute improvisations.

Trumpet playing today has developed into a fine art, requiring unusual skill and adaptability. And, one of the prime requisites of a good trumpet player is the “know how” of high register playing. High register playing has been found to be extremely useful in creating interesting and showy passages, and facility and control can readily be acquired by those instrumentalists willing to study this register with carefully planned exercise material.

This book clearly explains, not only the art of high register playing, but how through definite studies, general all-around excellence can? be obtained. Special stress is placed upon lip flexibility and tonguing. Included in Randy Brooks’ Modern Trumpet Studies are a series of etudes and solo choruses which are unsurpassed for developing individual style.

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