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Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3
Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3

Russian Trumpet Folio Books 1-3 By L. Chumov


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This wonderful three-part method is like a more modern and complete Arban or Saint-Jacome Grand Method, with much better progressive studies, along with tunes and solos that include full piano parts, followed up with duets, trios, and quartets to get the entire studio involved.

Compiled by L. Chumov, the former professor of trumpet at the Moscow Conservatory, this fantastic mixture of original compositions along side adaptations of the great composers of the 19th and 20th centuries is perfect for players at all levels. Honestly, this is like getting three books for the price of one, if not more. Chumov’s 90 Studies in Book One is worth the price of admission alone. The same goes for the duets, trios, AND the quartets in the final book. This is an incredible collection!

To get an idea of what you will find in each of the three books, just take a look below. Click to the left for sample pages from each volume, and click above for an immediate digital download.


Book One: Exercises, Scales and Etudes, Whole & half notes-rests, Quarter notes and rests, Easy exercises, Chromatic scales, Legato, Rhythmic exercises, Staccato, Dotted notes, Syncope, Triplets, 3/8 and 6/8, Alia Breve (Cut time), Daily exercises, Chumov’s 90 etudes, Warming-up, Long Tones, Contrast range (dynamics). 70 Progressive Songs for Trumpet (Full list below)

Book Two – Accompaniments for 70 Progressive Songs for Trumpet: S. Rustamov Rains have started, I Will Go I Will Leave, Do Not Fly Here Nightingale,  I’m Walking,  Mozart Allegretto, At The Foot of the Hill, Tschaikovsky Wood-cutter, Waltz, Cuckoo, Lullaby, Polka, Gasisov A Merry Pedestrian, Playing Tune, Dance Tune, Variations, A Tune, Rebikov Bohemian Folk Dance, Humorous Folk Verse, Zhaleyka, At the Grass-plot, Festival, Chumov Russian Melody, Mirishli Melody, Beethoven Wonderful Flower, Russian Dance, A Merry Mood, Russian Song, Dance, Lulii Little Song, Bach Piece, Chumov Bolero, Polonaise, Mazurka, A Courteous Minuet, Memories, Purcell The Trumpet Voice, Brahms Petrushka, Tschaikovsky Russian Song, Mozart Waltz, Belorussian Folk Song A Little Quail, Kabalevski Our Native Land, Rossini March, Beethoven Marmot, Bach Choral, Pergolesi Aria, Shepherd, Orff Fragment from Cantate, Tschaikovsky The Toy Soldier’s March, Grieg Wedding of Ravens, Tango, Mazurka, Grieg Norwegian Folk Song, Dunaevsky March, Czech Folk Song, Shostakovich Song, Rimsky-Korsarov Mazurka, Gounod March, Khrennikov The Nightingale’s singing of Rose, Shostakovich Coming back the Game-Shooting, Schubert Farewell, Mozart The Trumpet Voice, Beethoven Minuet, Matey Tokkata, Glinka Kraroviak, Purcell The Trumpet Melody, Strukov Elegia, Juggler.

Book 3 (Duets, Trios, & Quartets): Duets: In A Field Stood A Birch Tree, In The Orchard In The Garden, Down The Hill Down The Mountain, Mozart Allegretto, Went Out Sometime At Night, Bykanov Andantino, Beethoven Marching Song, Agafonnikov March, Schumann Choral, Corelli Minuet, Beethoven A Hymn To Joy, Warm Five Duets, Weber Duet, Gretri Richard The Lionheart, Haydn A Festive Song, Varlamov A Red Sarafan, Laduchin Duet, Mozart Duet, Altenburg Bourree, Mozart Andante From Sonata, Folk Song, Arban Carnival In Venice, Bach All Neighbours Are Good, Biber Andante, Handel Fugue, Fischer Minuet, Bull Module, Bull Waltz, Satie Monkey, Three Christmas Songs, Stravinsky Ovsen, Zink Ostinato, Kikta Three Duets, Perkovsky A Quarrel, Bizet Fragment From Carmen, Weber Hatters Chorus. Trios: Prokofiev Anthem To Moscow, Tchaikovsky Swan Lake, Mousorgsky Khovanshchina, Anonim Fanfare, Rachmaninov Barge Of Hauler Song, Smirnov Three Chorals, In The Dark Forest, Savalov Russian Lyric Song, Monteverdi My Torments, Nelchubel Festive Music, Solomon A Spanish Dance, Schubert A May Drinking Song, Handel Minuet, Couperin Trumpet’s Roll Call, Mozart Vivace, Wurm Russian Song, Wrum March, Haydn The Lord Is Great, Mozart Ave Verum. Quartets: Fanfare From Glory, Katchaturian Spartak, Purcell Chorale, Lagidze Chorale, Garilov Movement, Komalkova Lullaby, You Rise The Red Sun, Tschesnokov Melody, Scheidt Allemanda, Ann. March, Dauvernet Quartet, Di Lasso Dance, Handel Quartet From Concerto Grosso, Mashera Canzone, Bull Waltz, Wurm Quiet March.

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