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Roditi’s “Red on Red” (Complete Album Transcription) By Claudio Roditi


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This complete album, note-for-note transcription of Claudio Roditi’s Red on Red is part of a tremendous project by Adrian Ruiz to transcribe the complete discography of this legendary performer. In collaboration with the Roditi estate, qPress will be bringing you the definitive series of his albums with notable forwards and liner notes whenever possible.

In the Foreword, Arturo Sandoval writes, “Claudio Roditi was an exceptional musician in every way. Not only was he a great trumpet player, but Claudio was also a true artist; he created his own style as he dedicated his entire life to music with great passion and discipline. I always remember him with great affection, respect, and admiration, as I had the privilege of sharing the stage with him on many occasions in different parts of the world. He always gave his best to the public; his passion for music was contagious, and his love for the instrument—the trumpet—made him even more loved.”

This edition includes the foreword by Arturo Sandoval, About “Red on Red” by Kristen A. Park, a Biography of Roditi, and the complete album transcription by Adrian Ruiz. Take a look at some sample pages and click above for an immediate PDF download.

Song List

  1. Ponteio
  2. Madalena
  3. Red on Red
  4. Velas
  5. Amazone (aka Recife’s Blues)
  6. Little Tear
  7. Pra Mim
  8. Nothing Will Be as It Was Tomorrow
  9. The Monster and the Flower

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