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Ridenour’s Transcendental Etudes for Trumpet By Brandon Ridenour


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Brandon Ridenour’s complete collection of Transcendental Etudes, complete with full recording performed by Brandon himself, have arrived.

These transcendental studies are for the advanced player, each exercising a different musical style and/or trumpet-related concept. Written in a similar vein as Debussy and his piano etudes, these are a “warning to trumpeters to not take up the musical profession unless they have remarkable lips/fingers.” It is the composer’s hope that trumpet players everywhere will feel their playing and musicality transcend to a higher level after practice and execution of these etudes.

Below you will find the most incredible review of this book by Chris Martin, as well as a recording of Brandon performing Etude No.5. To the left you can follow along with the sample pages, and above you can grab an immediate digital download of the book with all recordings included.

“If you’re looking for a book of etudes that will make you feel bad – no, horrible – about yourself as a trumpet player, a book to keep you awake with visions of inadequacy, a book to wake you at 3 am with visceral dreams of public musical humiliation, a book to make you question every choice that resulted in you sitting in a room trying to play “For 3rds And The 3rd Valve”, a book of Transcendental Etudes for which the only thing “transcended” is the pathetic hope that you’ll ever get through one of these things then…this is the book for you!

In the first six etudes, Brandon reminds us that our classical technique is inadequate for anything other than a 10-minute gig inside a deserted Holland Tunnel on Christmas morning. Then we arrive at “Lucky Number Blues” only to be rewarded with the knowledge that our “jazz style” is “worse” and “not welcome here.” Get this book and improve every aspect of your trumpet playing people.”

~ Chris Martin, Principal Trumpet New York Philharmonic


Etude No.5 (played by Brandon Ridenour)

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