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“Dance Mania Vol.1” Lead Book Transcription By Tito Puente


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Tito Puente, often referred to as the “King of Latin Music,” was an influential figure in Afro-Cuban music. He popularized the mambo genre, introduced innovative percussion techniques, bridged Latin and jazz music, collaborated with various artists, and represented Afro-Cuban culture through his music. His impact on Afro-Cuban music and its influence on the broader Latin music scene continues to be felt to this day.

This collection of lead trumpet transcription books each include the full lead trumpet part, plus any trumpet solos featured in the tunes of the entire album. You can follow along with the original albums and hear exactly how they are meant to be played.

Below you will find a full writeup on the album, plus the song list. To the left, you can find some samples, and above you can grab an immediate digital download.

Dance Mania, Tito Puente’s best-known and best-selling album, came ten years into his career, but at a time (1957) when the craze for mambo and Latin music was beginning to crest. Recorded as part of a just-signed exclusive contract with RCA and appearing in vibrant sound as part of the label’s Living Stereo series, Dance Mania exploded with a series of tight arrangements, propulsive playing, and the features of new additions in vocalist Santos Colón and conguero Ray Barretto (who helped, in part, make up for the recent loss of Willie Bobo and Mongo Santamaria to Cal Tjader’s group).

Puente didn’t dilute his sound for Dance Mania — unlike the many commercial crossover LPs that were released by both established groups and ad hoc studio collectives — but his hard mambos here were performed at tempos that encouraged dancing by more staid LP-buyers, slightly slower than the high paces of his Tico sides or Palladium shows. Brassy and swinging, yes, and certainly as precise as a great Latin band could get, but not as torrid as Spanish Harlem dancers would be accustomed to. Most were Puente originals, spanning mambo and cha-cha and guaguanco, and Dance Mania built the foundation for great Latin LPs to come.

Song List

1. El Cayuco
2. Complicación
3. 3-D Mambo
4. Llego Mijan
5. Cuando Te Vea
б. Hong Kong Mambo
7. Mambo Gozón
8. Mi Chiquita Quiere Bembé
9. Varsity Drag
10. Estoy Siempre Junto A Ti
11. Agua Limpia Todo
12. Saca Tu Mujer

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