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Progressive Trumpet Studies in Modern Dance Rhythms By Henri Weber



This book is different! It is for the perfection of execution and articulation on the trumpet, to help develop both the high and low registers and improve velocity and fluency in sight reading.

It has been written with the sincere intention of giving the student just what the title states, ‘PROGRESSIVE TRUMPET STUDIES IN MODERN DANCE RHYTHMS?’ which offer a wide scope for the perfection of execution, articulation, development of both the high and low registers, velocity and fluency in sight reading. If conscientiously practiced, these exercises will bring the results, enabling the non-professional student to place himself in the class with the Orchestral player and the professional Trumpet Virtuoso. Most of these studies are in strict DANCE RHYTHMS, which will greatly aid in bringing into expression that inborn sense of rhythm (which is instinctive with every human being).? Several others more particularly apply to improving technique. But, bear in mind that it is not enough to merely glance at and play them over occasionally; They must be STUDIED and? PRACTICED until ease and velocity is attained.

I am thrilled to have this book back in circulation. Check out some samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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