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Progressive Swing Readings Vol.2 By David Gornston


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The idea of orchestral studies is not new. In the classical field, students have long been prepared for practical playing by studying selected orchestral passages. In formal music education also the study of solfeggio places special emphasis on the mastery of time divisions and holds an important place in the teaching program. When it comes to jazz study, we need much more of this.

Here in these Volumes, first in elementary form, and second in a more advanced manner, David Gornston, a nationally known leader in the realm of modern teaching, blends in an interesting and practical form the study of time and counting with exercises in practical application.

This method is unique because for the first time it teaches all counting through addition only, rather than by division.

The mastery of this book should enable the musician to sight-read any modern rhythm. As a matter of fact, the foundation which it provides may be applied to classical music with equal effectiveness. A study of Volume Two should not be attempted until all of the material in Volume One has been completed.

In Volume One, all rhythms were analyzed on the basis of four beats to the bar. Phrasing, however, demands that any and all rhythms be played “two to the bar” as well as “four to the bar.” And that is where we focus our attention here.

The construction of these Volumes is designed to produce good music readers. Grab both Volumes ONE and TWO and start your journey toward effortless reading of modern jazz rhythms.

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