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Practical Studies for Trumpet By Edwin Franko Goldman


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From Edwin Franko Goldman:

Each one of these studies has been written for the purpose of developing some certain phase of playing. They have been called “Practical Studies” because they represent the various forms and styles that the average musician is apt to be confronted with at any time. If properly and carefully practised, these studies should perfect the tonguing, whether it be in single, double or triple form. They will also improve the tonal quality, technique, phrasin, and rhythm, and give to the player a vast amount of surety and endurance.

The performer who can render these studies as they should be played, will be able to do justice to any piece of music that may be set before him in either orchestra or band. He will at the same time be able to perform any of the standard cornet solos in an artistic manner.

It is not necessary that these studies be practised in the order in which they are printed. The student may choose any exercise at random.

EF Goldman

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