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Pedal Tones for Trumpet By Harold Branch


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“Pedal Tones For Trumpet” has been written to acquaint the trumpet player with the technique required for playing the low tones that are not naturally produced on the trumpet.

This isn’t just a book of low notes. Instead, it incorporates pedal tones into practice surrounding major chords, minor chords, octaves, major scales, intervals, and chromatics. These are even followed with songs, solos, jazz patterns, and even duets, all using the extreme low register of the instrument.

There are two reasons for mastering pedal tones.

  1. The first is clinical. The position of the embouchure needed to play a pedal tone is open and relaxed. This is exactly what is needed to play in the upper register.
  2. The second reason for this study is artistic. This technique gives the performer an extended range that is practical and beautiful.

At this point, a scant amount of information and very little material on this subject exists. The possibilities for use are great in both classical music and all jazz forms, and it is an extremely novel approach to solo playing.

Harold Branch hoped that with the introduction of this material, the student, teacher, and professional would be inspired to investigate and create, on their own, more exercises, solos, and even etudes.

Click to the left for some samples, then grab the rest at the link above

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