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Orchestral Excerpts from the Symphonic Works for Horn: Strauss By Richard Strauss


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Richard Strauss was a renowned German composer and conductor of the late Romantic and early modern eras. He is celebrated for his tone poems, operas, and orchestral works, characterized by their lush orchestration, innovative harmonies, and rich emotional depth, making him a leading figure in the musical world of his time.

In Strauss’s orchestral works, particularly his tone poems and operas, the French horn parts are prominently featured and intricately woven into the fabric of his compositions. Strauss exploited the horn’s warm and expressive qualities, often assigning it soaring melodic lines and heroic motifs, contributing to the grandeur and majesty of his orchestral soundscapes.

These excerpts will help your section find new levels of cohesion and musicality. Not to mention, it’s a ton of fun!

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  • Strauss, Don Juan
  • Strauss, Tod und Verklärung
  • Strauss, Till Eulenspiegel
  • Strauss, Also Sprach Zarathustra
  • Strauss, Don Quixote
  • Strauss, Ein Heldenleben
  • Strauss, Sinfonia Domestica
  • Strauss, Burlesque

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