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Wagner, Orchestra Studies Horn Vols. 1 & 2 (From Operatic Works) By Richard Wagner


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Wagner’s music is extraordinary for its revolutionary approach to opera, marked by the concept of the Gesamtkunstwerk or “total work of art,” where music, drama, and visuals seamlessly intertwine. His use of leitmotifs, recurring musical themes associated with characters or ideas, adds layers of meaning and emotional depth to his compositions, creating a powerful and immersive experience for the listener. The grandiosity and scale of Wagner’s orchestral works, such as the monumental “Ring Cycle,” contribute to the composer’s lasting impact on the world of classical music.

For French horn players, Wagner’s music is particularly exhilarating due to the instrument’s prominent and heroic roles in many of his compositions. The soaring and majestic qualities of the French horn perfectly complement Wagner’s grand orchestrations, allowing horn players to shine in the epic and dramatic moments that characterize his operas and orchestral works.

Here is an incredibly extensive compilation of Horn excerpts from Wagner’s best work. Take a look at some sample pages and then click above for an immediate PDF download. Don’t miss your chance to get both Editions for a great deal!

Pieces Included in Volume 1

  • Die Feen
  • Rienzi, der Letzte der Tribunen
  • Der fliegende Holländer
  • Tannhäuser und der Sängerkrieg auf der Wartburg
  • Lohengrin
  • Wesendonck-Lieder

Pieces Included in Volume 2

  • Das Liebesverbot
  • Tristan und Isolde
  • Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
  • Parsifal
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