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New Conceptions For Linear & Intervalic Jazz Improvisation (Bass Clef) By Olegario Diaz


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Linear Improvisation is the first step for trombone players who are beginners on the jazz spectrum. This is the most common way to improvise and it’s a direct inheritance of the Bebop era. Most of the melodic phrases constructed are based mainly on conjunct movement (the voice moves by 2nds). The Larger intervals are very unusual and, if they occur, they tend to resolve immediately with a movement of a second. These elements give the phrases a feeling of homogeneity and fluidity.

Invertalic Improvisation is also characterized by the construction of melodic phrases based upon intervals of 3rds or 4ths and not on the given scale. It’s very rare to find stepwise movement on intervallic improvisation. These intervallic motions translate into a sense of heterogeneity and fragmentation for Listeners.

Combining Linear and Intervallic Improvisation will give the student a better approach to jazz improvisation technique.

To the left you can check out a bunch of representative samples, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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