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Mitchell’s Warm-Ups for Brass Instruments By Harold Mitchell


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With this Warm-Up book by Harold Mitchell, the Mitchell catalogue is now complete at qPress. Players begin with the introductory method by Harold’s son Ollie “Know Before You Blow” then move on to the four part “Mitchell Trumpet Method.” During all stages of their development the one book that is constant is this one “Warm Ups for Brass Instruments.” At 98 pages, this is a huge book of warm ups, the samples just barely scratch the surface. To give you an idea of what is entailed here, I will quote from Harold’s foreword:

I believe that a careful warm up of the embouchure is a must for all brass players – every day – before their practice period or musical engagement. Proficient trumpet artists will agree that this exercise is necessary to get the best results from their performances. It is unwise to neglect the instrument for a single day, because the power which the muscles of the mouth acquire by practice diminishes materially after a lapse of twenty-four hours without practice.

Each individual will discover which exercises are the best for him each day. No two embouchures are exactly alike, and different needs should be addressed at different times. I tell my students that the daily warm up is comparable to food for the lips. They are all good. But you would get sick of the same th ing every day, be it fish, chicken, or steak. Variety in warm up studies is equally necessary. Harold E. Mitchell

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