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Knevitt-Cimera Method for Developing the Upper Register on Trumpet (with Recordings) By Bill Knevitt


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Note: This product includes a zip file of Bill Knevitt’s personal audio lessons that originally accompanied this book. These 12 tracks total 51 minutes of personal instruction from Bill Knevitt himself. For a limited time only, these audio clips are available as an add on for those who already own a copy of the book.

More than 40 years ago a man by the name of Jaroslav Cimera, who was at the time considered to be “The Dean Of All Brass Teachers” in the Chicago area, was teaching a method for upper register development that produced great results. Yet the method never received the publicity it deserved.

Bill Knevitt has taken this method, refined it, updated it to meet modern demands, and field tested it with students. In doing so, I have also found it to produce great results.

That’s why we are calling it The Knevitt-Cimera Method For Developing The Upper Register On Trumpet.

If practiced properly, here is what the method can do for you:

1. Increase your range dramatically and immediately.
2. Build the strongest embouchure you can imagine, thus increasing endurance.
3. Reduce the amount of “pressure” you are now using, which will save the lip.
4. Give you the “feel” for any note on the horn .  You will be able to “pick off” any note at even the softest dynamic level.
5. Develop the proper size “aperture” for high note playing, while allowing you to move throughout the entire range of the instrument without using an “embouchure shift.”

Check out the samples to the left, then grab this fantastic high range method above as an immediate PDF download.

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