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Jazz Standards for Two Trumpets Vol.5 By Erik Veldkamp


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Practicing jazz standards is crucial for trumpet players as it develops essential musical skills and language. Standards expose players to various chord progressions, melodic structures, and improvisational opportunities, enhancing their harmonic understanding and improvisational fluency. It fosters adaptability and creativity, enabling them to interact effectively in different musical settings. Moreover, studying the interpretations of jazz legends through standards helps trumpet players internalize phrasing, articulation, and stylistic nuances. This comprehensive practice cultivates a deeper musical connection, elevates their overall musicianship, and empowers them to communicate authentically through their instrument in the dynamic world of jazz performance.

These duets are extremely fun to play, novel in their construction, and you would be hard pressed to find better jazz duets available anywhere right now. To give you an idea, you can listen to recordings of four of them below (they match the samples to the left). I guarantee that once you hear them, you will be immediately sold!


Listen to There Will Never Be Another You

Listen to Dat Dare

Listen to Joy Spring

Listen to Work Song


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Song List

  1. Black Orpheus
  2. Dat Dere
  3. Four
  4. I Could Write A Book
  5. It Had To Be You
  6. Joy Spring
  7. Minor Mood
  8. One By One
  9. Recorda Me
  10. Sandu
  11. Solar
  12. Sunny
  13. There Never Be Another You
  14. Tiny Capers
  15. Work Song

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