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Jazz Standards for Two Trumpets Vol.2 By Erik Veldkamp


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Jazz standards make up the bulk of a jazz musician’s repertoire and provide the chord changes and song structures that form the basis for improvisation. If you haven’t yet learnt some of the more popular requested standards, chances are you’re headed straight for a train wreck, or even worse, you’ll be SHOT on stage by the pros! In this new series from Erik Veldkamp, he is taking you on a tour of the top 75 Jazz Standards that everyone should be familiar with, using new adaptations for two trumpets as the vehicle of this exploration.

These duets are inventive, challenging, and EXTREMELY fun. In fact, Erik recorded a handful of these so people could get a feeling for how creative they are, and I have attached three duets from this collection below. You can click play while you follow along with the samples to the left. When you are ready, click above for an immediate digital download.

Listen to My Romance

Listen to In A Sentimental Mood

Listen to The Girl From Ipanema


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Song List

  1. My Romance
  2. Bluesette
  3. Yardbird Suite
  4. Honeysuckle rose
  5. I Got Rhythm
  6. Take Five
  7. The Girl From Ipanema
  8. Sweet Georgia Brown
  9. Ain’t Misbehaving
  10. Love for Sale
  11. On the Sunny Side of the Street
  12. In a Mellow Tone
  13. Manteca
  14. In a Sentimental Mood
  15. Seven Steps to Heaven

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