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Clarke Complete Solo Collection By Herbert L. Clarke


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Herbert Lincoln Clarke is truly an icon in American music, considered by many to be the best and most famous cornet player of all time. This collection is a tribute to the large contribution that Clarke made to the solo literature for cornet/trumpet. Clarke’s legacy of superior musicianship and the promulgation of the cornet as a means of musical expression are still evident today. His recordings, methods and solo pieces are a lasting reminder of his musical genius.

This collection features 29 solos for Cornet or Trumpet with piano accompaniment. This set spans Clarke’s entire career, and at over 200 pages, represents a lifetime of work for a modern player to master. Below you will find the complete table of contents, and to the left you will see samples from both the solo and piano score. Check them out, then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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Solos Included:

  1. Apollo Polka
  2. Autumn Day, An (Scherzo)
  3. Birth of Dawn
  4. Bride of the Waves, The (Polka Brillante)
  5. Carnival of Venice
  6. Debutante, The
  7. From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific
  8. Funicun, Funicula! (Fantasia)
  9. Harp That Once thro’ Tara’s Halls, The (Cornet Solo with Variations)
  10. Hebe Lullaby
  11. Lake of Bays (Concert Polka)
  12. Lillian (Polka Caprice)
  13. Maid of the Mist, The
  14. May Day (Country Dance)
  15. Memory Sweet ‘Midst Battle’s Roar, A (A Melody)
  16. Musketeer, The (Polka)
  17. My Lady Dreams (Romanza)
  18. Nereid
  19. Norine (Waltz)
  20. Polly (Song and Dance)
  21. Side Partners (Cornet Duet)
  22. Sounds from the Hudson (Valse Brillante)
  23. Southern Cross, The
  24. Stars in a Velvety Sky (Polka Brillante)
  25. Supremacy of Right (Grand March)
  26. Trixie Valse
  27. Twilight Dreams
  28. Venus Valse
  29. Victory (Original Fantasie and Air Varie)

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