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Henry Fillmore’s Jazz Trombonist By Henry Fillmore



Henry Fillmore’s “Jazz Trombonist” has one of the greatest subtitles of all time: “A unique treatise showing how to play practical jazzes and how and where to insert them in plain trombone parts”. Fillmore’s preface is included in the sample pages to the left, and it gives a clear and concise explanation for the driving force behind the book’s authorship. He notably mentions that one of the early uses of the term “Jazz” came from the creole patois meaning “to speed things up” and that West African slaves, when free to celebrate a rare holiday would cry out “Jazz her up!” meaning to cue fast and furious fun.

“Jazz her up” is still a term used today and is meant not just to speed things up, but to imbue the music with jazz-like qualities, and the slide trombone slur or gliss was the focus of this book.

This book was written nearly a century ago and out of print for a generation. I am thrilled to have it back in print and ready for a new generation of trombone players.

You can check out the preface and samples to the left then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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