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Harry James Trumpet Method By Harry James


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It is with great pride I announce this re-publication of the Harry James Trumpet Method! In a partnership between Robbins Music and qPress, this wonderful complete method for the trumpet is coming back into circulation, and will be the first of many Robbins Music books to make it into our catalogue. Read all about how Harry and his father penned this method and why it is even more valuable today below. Tons of samples to the left, so dig in then grab an immediate PDF download, print copy, or both, by clicking above.

A common complaint expressed by music teachers in recent years, has been the tendency among student-musicians to disregard a basic musical training in their over-zealous anxiety to develop a so-called modern style and technique.

This problem was very apparent to Everette James, a veteran musician-bandmaster and prominent music teacher in Beaumont, Texas. In the summer of 1941, he discussed this subject with his son, Harry James, whose constant association with young trumpet players enabled him to confirm his father’s observations.

So, father and son decided to collaborate on a modern trumpet book that would contain an academic training supplemented with studies and etudes, showing how that training could best be applied to modern rhythm music. Everette James incorporated the wealth of his musical knowledge into the manuscript while the younger James wrote the authoritative studies devised to help musicians fulfill the requirements of modern musicianship.

The “Harry James Trumpet Method” illustrates the adage, “Like father, like son” and is offered by Robbins Music & qPress Music Publishing as the most up-to-date guide to modern trumpet style and technique.

~ Harry James & Everette James

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