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12 Grande Etudes (Etudes & Exercises Vol.3) By Alexandre Petit


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Alexandre Petit’s three-volume collection entitled “Etudes & Exercices” is a classic collection of preparatory studies for trumpet players. Each method book focuses on one aspect of playing, from grand characteristic studies, to finger patterns and scales, to artistic melodic studies.

Book 3, 12 Grand Etudes, are wonderful characteristic studies that stand alongside the best of all etude writing in the history of our instrument. Alexandre Petit writes:

“These studies are very difficult and very demanding. Their purpose is to accustom the player to overcome all the difficulties of the lips and the fingers. You should never force, and always stop to let the lips rest when they are tired.

Little by little, and with reasonable and rational training, one will acquire a very great strength of resistance, which will allow one to play long pieces, which would have been considered unplayable at the beginning. For this, one needs – Courage – Discipline – Tenacity.”

All of the titles and notations have been translated into English for the first time by Chris Fenje, and are available only at qPress.

Each volume is available, here are their titles and where you can find them:

  1. Etudes & Exercices: The Week of the Virtuoso
  2. Etudes & Exercices: 15 Melodic & Technical Studies
  3. Etudes & Exercices: 12 Grande Etudes


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