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Extending The Trumpet Range By Mac Gollehon


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“This book consists of exercises compiled in order to achieve results in strengthening the embouchure for the upper register. Many of the exercises in this book are very difficult to perform and should always be considered a work in progress.” Mac Gollehon

This excellent routine for building your range consists of a a 7 day rotating routine for trumpeters looking to explore the reaches of the highest trumpet registers. 100% of this book is about efficiency and reducing tension. Some exercises require the trumpet player to only hold the trumpet with the left hand for best lip vibration with minimum mouthpiece pressure on the lips. Half valve slurs (two to four octave slurs), staccato exercises, wide interval tonguing and slurring exercises, scalar exercises, multiple key signature studies, contrasting dynamic exercises with octaves, staccato tonguing, and more all work to increase your ease of playing, reduce stress, and maximize your potential.

Virginia born performer and composer Mac Gollehon has played trumpet with many of the most distinctive big bands and pop musicians of our time. Learn from his lifetime experience with “Extending the Trumpet Range.” Many samples to the left, check them out then grab an immediate PDF download above.

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