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Essential Repertoire From The Orchestral Literature (with Piano Accompaniment) By Philip Jones


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Philip Jones’ Essential Repertoire for Trumpet from the Orchestral Literature (with piano accompaniment) is unlike any other publication in this category. Along with his colleague Alan Boustead, he has not only selected some of the most important and challenging excerpts for the trumpet and compiled them into an easy to follow book complete with annotations, he also includes piano parts for those pieces where the harmony would be most important to internalize, and transposed parts into Bb in the appendix for some of the hardest transpositions. I have included many samples to give you an idea of how the book is laid out, and have copied Philip’s complete foreword below so you can hear it all from the man himself.


From Philip Jones’ Foreword:

This book is not intended as the trumpet player’s guide to all that is difficult in the art. It gives a comprehensive idea of the extent of the musical repertoire as opposed to a purely technical approach. Nevertheless it will be necessary to acquire a very good working knowledge of the instrument to master the excerpts presented.

Everything in this book was originally composed for the trumpet for which reason the pieces with accompaniment make particularly appropriate concert and recital items. Whilst some of the studies relate directly to the pieces which follow, no one study can give the entire solution to any one piece, any more than the notes and suggested breathing should be considered the only acceptable interpretation.

Finally, though we do not intend this book to replace any methods or other study books we believe that it will become an indispensable supplementary book for all students.

~Philip Jones


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Table of Contents

Overture Leonora No. 3

Overture Leonora No. 2

Overture Don Giovanni

Serenade K.320 (Posthorn) : Minuet

Music for the Royal Fireworks: Minuet

Carmen : March (Act II)

Carmen : Prelude

Aria Voici des Roses (Damnation of Faust)

Sinfonietta : Allegretto

Symphonie Fantastique (Valse)

Symphony No. 5 (opening theme)

Capriccio Espagnole (Cadenza)

Don Pasquale (Prelude, Act II)

La Kermesse (Faust)

Die Walküre (Act II)

Sonata for Trumpet and Strings (Ist movement)

St. Cecilia Ode : Aria

Il Trovatore (Act I)

Eugene Onegin : Minuet

Symphonic Fanfare

Concerto in Eb (Andante)

Cantata No. 76 : ( Aria ” Ach, es bleibt”)

The Defeat of Napoleon (Hary Janos)

The Viennese Clock (Hary Janos)

* These are for Trumpet alone and do not appear in the Piano copy


Note: Transposition is an essential part of trumpet technique : in this book the trumpet parts are given in C in the piano copy, in their original keys in the trumpet part (as they will be met in the profession) and an appendix to the trumpet part gives trans-positions to Bb. Thus a variety of keys is available for practice.

The exceptions are the pieces by Bach, Handel, and Purcell, all of which have transposed down piano parts to bring them into the normal range of the Bb trumpet.

These pieces and the Händel study are essential material for the modern D trumpet and should be practised on this instrument using the parts as indicated.

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