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Embouchure Enlightenment By Gene Young


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This book was designed by Gene Young (Oberlin Conservatory) to help trumpet players overcome difficulties with embouchure, range, sound, articulation, and endurance. No attempt has been made to be scientific, as clinical descriptions are sometimes confusing to the non-anatomically oriented student. After reading them, the troubled player can become desperate and begin to grope for any method that claims to provide immediate help. Instead, this book offers detailed routines, procedures, and exercises constructed to solve specific problems. When used as a supplement to daily practice, the information, ideas, and techniques prescribed will be incredibly valuable to you, the player, as they have been to students worldwide.

Gene Young, Associate Professor of Trumpet at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, was also a member of the New Orleans Philharmonic, the Santa Fe Opera Orchestra, and the principal trumpet of the St. Louis Sinfonietta. He has also been principal trumpet of the Mobile, Alabama, Symphony Orchestra and the American Wind Symphony Orchestra.

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